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Can I Control Wholesale Prices?

Yes, in the products tab of Wholesale Genius you can select which products/variants are available for wholesale, the wholesale level and the price that corresponds to that level.

These prices will be seen by your Wholesalers according to their level.


Can I Remove Wholesale Access From A Customer?

Yes, just remove the appropriate tag and your customers will stop being wholesalers.


Does Wholesale Genius duplicate variants?

Nope. Magic :) You can now use any inventory management system you'd like.


Is There 30 Or 60 Days Payment For Wholesalers? Can I Remove Taxes?

Of course you can. From now on, you have that option within the app. Just go to a discount group and check the Tax Exempt option or NET / TERMS order. No more expensive customizations.


Will Wholesale Genius Affect The Feeds/Data I Send To Shopping Comparison Sites Like Rakuten, Shopping.Com, Ciao, Nextag Or PLA (Google Product Listing Ads)?

No. You can sync the store with any app / system you want.


When I Tried To Install Wholesale Genius It Asked Me To Authorize A Payment, I Thought Wholesale Genius is free to install.

Shopify is requesting you to authorize a billing charge in case you decide to keep Wholesale Genius. However, we charge on per order basis so you won't have any nasty monthly fees. 



Will Wholesale Genius Affect The Way Search Engines See My Shopify Store?

Definitely NOT. You're only editing the price of some of your variants but you're not creating either duplicate content or hiding any interesting information.


Is there any restriction regarding the amount of variants a product can have before using Wholesale Genius?


No. Totally up to you.


How Does Multicurrency Work With Wholesale Genius?

Works amazing. Same way as if you are using multi-currency for your end customers. They are going to see the prices in their chosen currency - always synced and handled properly.


How can I prevent Wholesale customers from using discounts?

You can prevent wholesale customers (that can be used together if you want to) from using discounts by creating a customer group for your retail customers. This option will make the discounts only valid for retailers. The steps required for this option are the following (skip to step 4 in case you already have a customer group created):

  1. First, add a tag Retailer for all your retail customers - this is the basis for creating the group of customers used to configure the discounts.
    Notice that you can choose the tag you want, but keep in mind that you have to use the same tag name for all the steps that require it.
  2. Go to Customers then, on Customers page, click on Filter customersTagged with, type Retailer, and click on Add filter
  3. Click on Save this search, select Save as a new search, choose the name of your group (in this example, Retail customers) and then click on Save
  4. Go to Discounts, click on Add a discount and, on Discount type section, choose either your currency (in this example EUR) or % Discount, provide the value of the discount, select Customer in group and then select Retail customer (or the name you chose in step 3)
  5. Add the tag Retailer to all your retail customers


Will Wholesale prices show up on Pinterest?

Nope. No more price leaking, ever. Feel free to use any channel(s) you want.


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