Setup & Demo of the App

 1 - Install the app

As any other Shopify app. Go to or look for "Wholesale Genius" on the search box on the right top corner on the Shopify App Store.


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2 - Install the app.

Inside the app, and here, you have detailed instructions on how to add Wholesaler snippets to your theme. Most themes are easy to configure while a few need some expertise on liquid programming. If you don't feel secure or just don't want to spend your time on this, inside the app, in SETUP tab, you have the option to get us to do all the configuration for you.


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3 - Select products

Go to Wholesaler admin and look for the Products tag. Select a product you want to offer to wholesalers at a discounted price. Click Add custom pricing button on the right and add appropriate prices.


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4 - Authorize selected customers

In Wholesaler admin go to Discount groups tab and look for the discount group you'd like to associate with the customer. Click EDIT button and copy the tag that app shows you. It goes something like: ws_group:small_wholesale. Copy the discount group tag, go to Shopify Admin -> Customers -> find any customer you want and apply the tag. They are now wholesale customer belonging to that group. 


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Do you want to get even more? See our full list of customizations we can perform straight away at your Shopify store!


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