How do NET terms and Pending Orders options work?

Wholesaler offers a very powerful feature: Pending Orders. This let you manage directly how your wholesalers pay for their orders instead of only being able to pay by credit card. This way, you can request payment via wire transfer, Cash on Delivery (CoD), extend payment deadlines to 30 or 60 days...


In order to enable it, you just need to enter the Wholesaler dashboard and open the discount group that you want to offer the NET terms to



Once you mark the Create net terms order checkbox, you will need to input a Thank you page. This doesn't need to be a "thank you" page in spite of its name: you can direct your customer to a page to cross sell other of your items, or where they can see featured products, or whatever you want.

Once you click on the Save button, any client that belongs to this group and make an order will get their order auto accepted and created as a Draft order in Shopify admin:


All wholesaler orders created in this way will have the tag wholesaler_order so you can identify it more easily. Now you can fulfill it and request payment however you see fit! To make everything easier for you to remind your customers about their orders, we have developed another app that will automate email sending to your customers to remind about pending payments, ask for their opinion or just let them know you are still working on their order, so be sure to check out MoonMail Autoresponders to make your life easier! 😊 


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